Usability services and UX design

We offer UX consultations and services for online and offline content. We help our clients feel confident that their products and services offer meaningful customer experiences that reduce costs and increase profits.

We have over 10 years of experience in usability services and interaction design.


ux sofia
UX design and usability conference

5 - 7 June 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

Express Usability AnalysisSeductive Interaction Design
7 June 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Holiday Inn Sofia Hotel

In this fun-filled, interactive workshop, Stephen P. Anderson will guide you through specific examples of sites who’ve designed serendipity, arousal, rewards, and other seductive elements into their applications, especially during the post-signup period, when it’s so easy to lose people. He’ll demonstrate how to engage your users through a process of playful discovery, which is vital whether you make consumer applications or design for the corporate environment.


Offered worldwide or locally in Bulgaria, customizable to your needs.